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The 7 Lakes Restaurant

It offers cooking in front of the client and rich breakfast so you begin the day energized and in a good mood.

Swimming pool

We have a well maintained heated indoor pool, which is not influenced by the weather conditions.

Children's Pool

The kid’s swimming pool’s size and water temperature are in accordance to the height and the distinctions of our smallest guests.

Relax zone

After the Spa treatments, the sauna and the massages you need to rest a bit.


Massages, when made by a master, relax the muscles, keep the pain and numbness away, reduce stress.

Steam bath

The steam’s power to purify and detox the organism is known for long ago. Visit our steam bath during your stay and you’ll have the best benefits of it.

Turkish bath

May be you know it as a hammam. Unlike the steam bath here the water has lower temperature and it makes it suitable also for people for whom the steam is contraindicated.


If you didn’t visit sauna yet your stay at Rilets Resort & Spa is the exact time to do it.

Salt room

When the salt is heated are emitted multiple negative ions which refresh the air and kill the microbes. The salty sauna helps the organism to deal with the viruses and the bacteria.

The Spa treatments delete the fatigue, bring the skin freshness and vitality back. They are used as anti-malaise and illnesses prophylaxis. There is a trendy Spa center in the Rilets Resort & Spa, where you can relax from your busy daily routine and take advantage of the water treatments, the massages and the halo-therapy healing effects. 


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