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In Rilets Resort & Spa hotel we stand by our guest’s conveniences and comfort.

Football field

Football is the favorite game of many people. The excited passions and the exercises calm the nervous tension from work or home matters.


Nevertheless you arrive for a day or two or for a long stay, you could turn Rilets Resort & Spa in your baseline for mountain hikes and excursions.

Mountain cycling

The mountain cycling is a sport for daredevils. It requires strength, resistance and strong character but it brings unspeakable content and there are many keen on it.

For the Kids

We made a playing room ready for the kids, playing freely under the animator’s control.

Silent games

Even the most active persons need stillness and peace sometimes.

The Rilets Resort & Spa location is suitable for excursions, hikes, games and diverse physical activities in the nature. The neighborhood is rich of cultural-historic and natural landmarks you can visit. You can enjoy sports and active relaxation also inside the hotel. Nevertheless your interests are you are not going to be bored!